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Here is a selection of comments on stories posted by the Times-Call on its Facebook page Dec. 31, 2022-Jan. 6, 2023.

Longmont city officials zero in on downtown pedestrian access, safety

Jeff Noonan: Just remember, council, there is a hell of a lot more to Longmont than downtown.

Louis J Cavallo: It’s simple. Either remove the midblock crosswalks or install flashing yellow lights. They have had the same conversation for years and have done nothing.

Scott Conlin: We have been discussing red light cameras and more roundabouts for 10-plus years now.

Devin Quince: About time.

Stores, shoppers adjust to statewide bag fee

Michael Bacca: I have come to expect this type of idiocy from our government and left leaning citizens.

Martha Hunt: They should have taken away plastic bags completely and charge for paper. Works wonderfully in Vermont.

Jim Wester: Seven plastic bags per week equates to about 10 pounds per year going into the landfill. I don’t see the big deal.

Sam FN Adams: “Should be charging 20 cents.” – grocery stores

Lisa Almanza Atilano: Walmart took out all their bags today. People were buying their totes.

Matthew Park: And that is what you get for voting with, and for, jackasses. Otherwise known as Democrats. Enjoy another four years of BS like this!

Longmont police notes: Officers called to armed robbery

Ron Johnson: Sorry! That’s not the way it works anymore! This is 2023! Even if he was found and charged, he would be back on the streets in an hour! Welcome to sleepy Joe’s and Jared Polis’ America!

Thomas Lawson: They answered the call and have no suspects or evidence of an armed robbery. Maybe the call wasn’t real?

Tallis Salamatian: “This case has been closed due to lack of suspect leads.” How much effort could have been put into getting leads if the case was closed so quickly? I’d think someone who committed armed robberies would be worth finding.

Stephen Holguin: Armed robbery implies that somebody saw a physical person with a weapon, which means that an investigation could be conducted to identify said suspect(s). How do you close a case that quickly? And why even report it in the news?

Woman struck, killed on I-25 after rideshare driver left her on interstate, police say

AL Irving: I hope they convict the driver for this.

Sibyl Hughes: This is just so horrible. I have no words! Praying for all those involved.

Driver sentenced to probation, work release in fatal Boulder crash

Lorraine Muniz: That was a slap on the hand. Vehicular homicide killing two people gets work release and probation. Well, our system (has) gone to crap. Guilty or not guilty, two people lost their (lives).

Jeff Noonan: You have got to be kidding me. What a joke.

Rose Angel: Wow! Right on, Boulder County! … Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves!

Mt Chaise: 88 mph in a 40 mph zone.

Sam Yorky: This is why speeders are dangerous. So selfish, risking the lives of others. His sentence was extremely light, but we need to do something in our state with the aggressive speeding drivers

In email exchange, Longmont officials question release of ‘very dangerous’ offenders on bond

Adam Drelles: You get what you vote for.

Holly Coreau: This is nothing new! Where have these officials been? Blame our corrupted lawmakers for all of these crimes.

Colorado moving migrants to other states; Polis said Denver was not their destination

Brian Walko: Aren’t we a sanctuary state and Denver a sanctuary city? You should have welcomed these people with open arms and not send them away.

Erie High sophomore starts music therapy heart business

Faith Marie: As a board-certified music therapist and mental health provider, I love seeing people recognize the therapeutic benefits of music. However, music therapy is an established allied healthcare profession that requires at a minimum a bachelor’s degree in music therapy which includes clinical practicums and an internship. So for the sake of accuracy, I ask you to not label her business as “music therapy,” even though the harp services she wants to offer can certainly be therapeutic to those she’s playing for. More information about the profession of music therapy can be found at the American Music Therapy Association’s website at: https://www.musictherapy.org. More information about the process for becoming a board certified music therapist (MT-BC) can be found at the website for the Certification Board for Music Therapists at: https://www.cbmt.org. And if you’re looking for a music therapist in Colorado, you can find one at the Colorado Association for Music Therapy at: https://musictherapycolorado.org

Charges in Longmont crash upgraded following victim’s death

Ash Rodriguez: There’s nothing good for either side of the family on this. So terribly sad.

Michael J Sellars: Everyone called that one, though.

Kayla Ritchie: Only probation, right?

Jeff Montoya: It’s Boulder County. She will get probation.

Colorado business leaders pessimistic despite signs of economic resilience

Mt Chaise: You suppose they know something which everyone else doesn’t? D’uh. Even Greenspan chirped that there is to be a recession this year.

Train strikes car at 63rd Street in Boulder County; driver taken to hospital

Curtis Smole: And everyone start blaming someone — go!

Shad Ow Tuttle: OMG. Hope it wasn’t someone I work with!

Keith Arnold KT: People never learned to think right. You get what you pay for.

Mary Hackett: I drove by this soon after it happened. Definitely scary.

Andres Martinez: User error, no way you didn’t see or even feel 500,000 pounds moving towards you.

Larry Ratliff: Well there went your quiet zone initiative. Obviously the trains need to be louder because the (driver) in the car did not know there was a train coming.

Men stole catalytic converter, pepper-sprayed Longmont woman who tried to stop them, police say

Maria Womer: Out of pure curiosity, what indications were there that these men were Hispanic?

Itsy Monge: This is really getting out of hand! Aam so sad how our beautiful state is turning into!

22-year-old posed no threat to police before Colorado deputy killed him, law enforcement review finds

Shelly Lien Embree: That should never have happened!

Angela Youngs: Put the cop in jail where he belongs. Make an example for the rest who think it’s OK to treat someone that way when they call for help.