“This Is a Nightmare Uploaded on YouTube”: 28-Year-Old Legacy Surfer Shocks Surfing World With a Brilliant Outing on Waves

Surfing certainly is a sport of spunk and fortitude. And, the one who surfs on the giant azure ripples is well aware of the ocean’s ferocities. However, even after being acquainted with the notorious sea waves, the surfers love to chase the adrenaline rush that lies beneath the deep blue tarmac. Likewise, recently a group of wave chasers dauntlessly paddled toward the big waves and met with several wave hold downs. Interestingly, many surfing fanatics expressed their intriguing reactions to the surfers’ courageous attempt.

Nathan Florence is a 28-year-old Hawaiian surfer, who shares various surfing prompts and videos over his YouTube handle. Recently, Florence along with his other surfer companions paddled with moxie toward the big wave. And, to express their reverence towards the fearless surfers, many fans came forward to praise them.


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Fans react over a courageous surfing spree

American surfer, Nathan Florence shared his latest surfing vlog on his YouTube Channel. In the video, the 28-year-old along with other surfers paddled toward the wave in a lie-down surfing position. However, while chasing the big wave, they met with several wave wipeouts and were held under the wave for prolonged time frames. 

Moreover, to cause a stir within the surfing fraternity, Nathan gave his vlog rather an intriguing title: “Is session of holdowns this heavy worth one good wave?”

Interestingly, pleased with the video, Nathan’s fans and surfing fanatics penned some interesting comments. Fans wrote:

This isn’t a surfing session, this is a nightmare uploaded on YouTube. I admire you so much for the fitness, skills and bravery needed to be out there and to survive it!”

nice to see the real side of this kind of session, these guys are real athletes

Insane! I Love this kind of film, showing the real deal, instead of surfers doing airs on 3 ft waves…. congrats Nathan!”

Insane. I hope everyone made it in safe


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Some fans even applauded their surfing skills by writing: 

ocean skills to the max! thanks for sharing


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looks pretty relentless and powerfull ! fairplayyy !! respect


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Clearly, the surfers pulled off all the surfing prompts in the most valiant way. And, we wish to see more of such surfing vlogs from Nathan. What are your thoughts on this brave surfing spree? Share your insights in the comment section below.

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