Kardashians fans can’t cope with everything Kim has posted on TikTok this week

Oh Kimberley…

Another week has gone by and the Kardashians have been as eventful as ever, but it seems fans are mostly shook by Kim’s behaviour online.

While many are focused on that photoshoot that Khloe did which had everyone talking about her band and trying to figure out whether Kylie and Travis are still together, those fans on TikTok were invested in everything Kim was doing.

Starting out fairly normal, Kim was posing on her and North’s joint TikTok account, which she is in full control of, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

With comments turned off and North only allowed to post her own content rather than scrolling through the app, she was posting the trending sounds as she always does – but some of the mum and daughter duo’s choices were interesting to say the least.

The first one that immediately caught fans attention was a sped up version of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, which saw the two lip syncing and dancing along.

If anyone knows anything about Kim and Taylor’s relationship, you know it’s not a good one.

@kimandnorth♬ Originalton – &lt3

The two have had beef ever since Kanye West stormed the VMA stage back in 2009 while Kim was dating Kanye.

And while it seemed to have calmed down, in 2016 Kim claimed on Snapchat that Taylor had lied about being shocked when Kanye called her a “bi**h” in his song Famous.

Taylor famously gave him permission to use the line: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex,” but not the following: “Why? I made that bi**h famous.”

Kim then called Taylor a snake on Twitter, and in 2019 after three years of feuding, Taylor told Vogue the backlash felt like a “mass public shaming, with millions of people saying you are quote-unquote canceled, is a very isolating experience. I don’t think there are that many people who can actually understand what it’s like to have millions of people hate you very loudly.”

While this TikTok might mean they’ve turned a new corned since Kim’s divorce from Kanye, and with rumours Taylor’s song Vigilant S**t is about Kim and Kanye, who knows where they stand but fans were clued in nonetheless.

Another TikTok posted has them really scratching their heads.

This is simply the two just posing for the camera as Kanye’s song Bound 2 is playing. But even weirder is the fact that North appears to be dressed as her dad – goatie and all.

@kimandnorth♬ Bound – Asawa ni mae

And if anyone remembers the video to Bound 2, you’ll remember Kim and Kanye getting very close in it.

As the comments are turned off, fans took to Twitter to give their thoughts.

“This is… a lil strange,” one viewer tweeted.

“Easily top 10 weirdest things I’ve ever seen,” a second wrote.

“Did Kim forget what the visuals for that music video were?,” a third said.

“Kim is weird as hell for this. You couldn’t have used a different song?!” a fourth complained.

Could it be another tactic by the Kardashian-Jenner clan or just plain bizarre?